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Teachers’ music knowledge and social representations of music (P)

Anna Rita Addessi, Felice Carugati

Musical style again: A mathematical analysis of musical intertext (P)

Anna Rita Addessi, Mirko Degli Esposti, François Pachet

Confronting Jason Eckardt’s Transience (T)

Brian Alegant, Jonathan Hepfer

On the Methodology of Structural Analysis in Byzantine and Classical Western Music - A Comparison (T)

Maria Alexandru, Costas Tsougras

Tonal hierarchies in Sutartinės (T)

Rytis Ambrazevičius, Irena Wiśniewska

Improving the Work Environment for Workers of Textile Factories by Control and Harmonizing Machinery Noises (P)

Mohammad R. Azadehfar, Arash Azadeh

Musically Significant, Automatic Localisation of Note Boundaries for the Performance Analysis of Vocal Music (P)

Nicholas J Bailey, Douglas McGilvray, Graham Hair

Interactive strategies for analysing musical structure (T)

Amanda Bayley, Michael Clarke

Musical Changes from Rural to Urban: “Türkü Bars” in Popular Cultur (T)

Ş. Şehvar Beşiroğlu, Asli Kayhan

Musical structures and technologogy as transcendance in Jonathan Harvey’s music (T)

Bruno Bossis, Jonathan Harvey

Towards a trans-semiotics of rhetorical argumentation: considering the “genetic form” (P)

Liouba Bouscant, Colin Roche

Perceptual evaluation of models for music segmentation (P)

Michael J. Bruderer, Martin F. McKinney

One Voice or Many? Compound Melody & Auditory Streaming (P)

Bryony Buck, Graham B. Hair, Nicholas Bailey

Tonal’ vs ‘atonal’: Perception and tonal hierarchies (T)

Robertas Budrys, Rytis Ambrazevičius

Comparative Melodic Analysis of A Cappella Flamenco Cantes (T)

Juan J. Cabrera, Jose Miguel Díaz-Báñez, Francisco J. Escobar-Borrego, Emilia Gómez, Francisco Gómez, Joaquín Mora

Auditory Streams in Ligeti's Continuum: A theoretical and perceptual study (T)

Emilios Cambouropoulos, Costas Tsougras

Functions and images in Greek art music utilizing Byzantine echoi (T)

Kostas Chardas, Maria Alexandru

Generation, Mechanical Structure, and Intrinsic Duality of the Glarean Modes (T)

David Clampitt, Thomas Noll

The “dual” form of Igor Stravinsky’s Piano-Rag-Music: musical structure as result of a rearrangement process (T)

Angela Ida De Benedictis, Massimiliano Locanto, Leo Izzo

Iannis Xenakis’s Writing and Outside-Time Musical Structures (T)

Dimitris Exarchos, Yannis Stamos

Computer assisted statistical evaluation of chordal occurence in Mozart´s, Schubert´s and Brahm´s piano music as a contribution to the determination of individual compositional style (P)

Eva Ferková, Milan Ždimal, Peter Šidlík

Parallel Successions of Perfect Fifths in the Bach Chorales (P)

George Fitsioris, Darrell Conklin

Death and Rebirth: An Archetypal Narrative in Liszt’s B Minor Sonata (T)

George Fitsioris, Spyros J. Iliopoulos

Recognition of the melody in a polyphonic symbolic score using perceptual knowledge (T)

Anders Friberg, Sven Ahlbäck

Automatic Classification of Turkish Traditional Art Music Recordings by Arel Theory (T)

Ali C. Gedik, Barış Bozkurt

Cultural relativity vs scientific universalism: emotions, identity and the “materials” of popular music (P)

Ali C. Gedik, Cem Calli, Firat Kutluk, Timur Köse, and Gorsev Yener

Aspects of musical structure and functionality of electroacoustic media in the performance of ancient Greek tragedy – A composers’ point of view (P. Velianitis) (T)

Anastasia Georgaki, Panaghiotis Velianitis

Gothic Structures and Musical Compositions: Fiction, Criticism, and Early Romantic Music (T)

Jon-Tomas Godin, Noelle Chao

Automatic Melodic Transcription of Flamenco Singing (K)

Emilia Gómez, Jordi Bonada

Comparative Analysis of Music Recordings from Western and Non-Western Traditions by Automatic Tonal Feature Extraction and Data Mining (T)

Emilia Gómez, Perfecto Herrera

Get immersed in the structure of sound: a Schaefferian listening to overtone singing (P)

Anne-Marie Gouiffès, Francis Rousseaux, Marie-Cécile Barras

Phase-plane visualizations of gestural structure in expressive timing (T)

Maarten Grachten, Werner Goebl, Sebastian Flossmann, Gerhard Widmer

Perception of Rhythmic Similarity in Flamenco Music: Comparing Musicians and Non-Musicians (T)

Catherine Guastavino, Fabrice Marandola, Godfried Toussaint, Francisco Gómez, Rafa Absar

Rhythmic Similarity in Flamenco Music: Comparing Psychological and Mathematical Measures (T)

Catherine Guastavino, Godfried Toussaint, Francisco Gómez, Fabrice Marandola, Rafa Absar

The impossibility of absolute spatial determinations: from Luigi Nono and Salvatore Sciarrino's musical aesthetics to Giordano Bruno's innumerable worlds (P)

Francesca Guerrasio, Claudia Delle Palme

Performing Musical Structure: crux-phi perceptions in Domenico Scarlatti’s sonata K. 380 (P)

Nancy Lee Harper, José Tomás Henriques

A Survey of Melody Extraction Techniques for Music Information Retrieval (T)

Cihan Isikhan, Giyasettin Ozcan

Artificially Intelligent Accompaniment using Hidden Markov Models to Model Musical Structure (T)

Anna Jordanous, Alan Smaill

Identifying Contrapuntal Modules in Palestrina's Masses (T)

Frauke Jurgensen, Ian Knopke

Proportion in Bach's Air from the French Suite in C minor (T)

Evangelia Kikou, Vasilis Karagiannis

Constrained automatic chord alignment and detection of musical structure (T)

Ian Knopke, Eric Nichols

Contextual understanding: Mozart's K. 475 and textuality (T)

PyoungRyang Ko, Gesine Schröder, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Suk-yeong Mun, Kian Geiselbrechtinger

Sound Scale: perspectives on the contribution of flute sound classification to musical structure (T)

Panayiotis Kokoras, Olivier Pasquet

Does awareness of musical structure relate to general cognitive and literacy profile in children with learning disabilities? (T)

Magdalini Krommyda, Georgios Papadelis, Katerina Chatzikallia, Konstantinos Pastiadis, Panagiotis Kardaras

Harmonic Pulsation and Serial Density (T)

Peter Kulichkin, Natalia Zubareva

Temporal Experience in Ecclesiastical Chanting: A Collaborative Approach between Music Psychology and Byzantine Musicology (T)

Eleni Lapidaki, Maria Alexandrou

Segmenting Arabic modal improvisation: Comparing listeners’ responses with computer predictions (T)

Olivier Lartillot, Mondher Ayari

Musical Brokenness, Intentionality, and the Singer-Actor: A View From the Stage (T)

Edward D. Latham, Roberta Sloan

Music as limes: preliminary concepts of the process-centered music analysis (T)

Airi Liimets, Kerri Kotta

Investigating structure of contemporary music applying tension design and empirical perception analysis (T)

Gerhard Lock, Maris Valk-Falk

Charles Gounod’s Ave Maria: textual versus performance analyses (T)

Eva Mantzourani, Tim Crawford, Stephen Cottrell

Schenkerian Reduction as Search (T)

Alan Marsden, Geraint Wiggins

Music education and digital design: an interactive approach to structure (T)

Chloe Matus, Martin Naef, Johannes Rubenz, Monika Oebelsberger, Reza Sarkamari

An Intelligent Tutoring System for Tonal Counterpoint: From Process to Structure (T)

Panayotis Mavromatis, Matthew Brown

Extracting musical structure from multi-modal performance analysis (T)

Jennifer McRitchie, Graham Hair, Nicholas J. Bailey, Stuart Pullinger

ModusXXI: An Atonal Melody Generator Based on Lars Edlund´s Modus Novus Methodology (T)

Alfonso Meave, Felipe Orduña

Audible Ecosystems and emergent sound structures in Di Scipio’s music. Music philosophy helps musical analysis (K)

Renaud Meric, Makis Solomos

Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hoffmann as an open work (T)

Jarosław Mianowski, Elżbieta Nowicka

Sequenza VIIa and VIIb by Luciano Berio: a comparison from analytical and performance point of view (T)

Pierre Michel, Philippe Lalitte

Cognition-Based Segmentation for Music Information Retrieval Systems (T)

Justin de Nooijer, Frans Wiering, Anja Volk, Hermi J.M. Tabachneck-Schijf

Melrhythmic Structuralism, Identity and Meaning in Nigerian Contemporary Art Music Practice – A Study of “Igede-Bell” Bass Technique (P)

Onyee N. Nwankpa, Ndubuisi E. Nnamani

Searching for demarcation characteristics in traditional ad-lib compositions: A case study of Nenets songs (T)

Triinu Ojamaa, Jaan Ross

Controling Music Affective Content: A Symbolic Approach (P)

António Pedro Oliveira, Amílcar Cardoso

Musical meaning and logical inference from the perspective of Peircean pragmatism (T)

Luis Felipe Oliveira, Willem F.G. Haselager, Jônatas Manzolli, Maria Eunice Quilici Gonzalez

Beyond MIDI: Theoretical Foundations for the Voice-Instrument Digital Interface for Byzantine Music (T)

Nektarios Paris, Dionysios Politis

Intonation in a new composition in 19-tone equal temperament (T)

Richard Parncutt, Graham Hair

Understanding and representing musical structures in music courses for beginners (P)

Milena Petrović, Vera Milanković, Gordana Ačić, Nina Mihailović Subotić

Structural Gravity Centre of Mozart’s Phantasie: Segmentation, Music-Semantic Functions, and Emotional Response (T)

Tijana Popovic Mladjenovic, Blanka Bogunovic, Marija Masnikosa, Ivana Perković Radak

Musical conception, para-musical events and stage performance in Jani Christou’s Strychnine Lady (T)

Giorgos Sakallieros, Konstantinos Kyriakos

Metastaseis and Sea Nymphs as scientific educational proposals (T)

Helena Maria da Silva Santana, Rosário Santana

Parataxis: a framework of stucture analysis for instrumental folk music (T)

Haris Sarris, Tassos Kolydas, Panagiotis Tzevelekos

Musical culture / musical structure: What is the role of influence in mid-to-late 20th-century music? (T)

David Schwarz, Graham Phipps, Frank Heidlberger

Performing structure: Music, art and space (T)

Simon Shaw-Miller, David Gorton

Emergent musical structures and music as an emergence. A dialogue between musicology and composition (T)

Makis Solomos, Agostino Di Scipio

Inter-structures: a performative-philosophical re-examination of continuity in post-1945 piano repertoire (T)

Danae Stefanou, Pavlos Antoniadis

Jani Christou’s Mysterion (1966): music analysis through archetypal theatre (T)

Vicky Steiri, Göze Saner

Quantifying relationships between expressive and structural elements of music and musicians’ gestures (T)

Marc R. Thompson, Geoff Luck

The ‘depth’ of the ‘surface’, the ‘surface’ of the ‘depth’: Re-visiting Blacking’s theory on structures (T)

Dafni Tragaki, Emilios Tsekenis

Three tunes... one thousand musical phrases. The composition of motives and musical phrases as a tool in Music Education (T)

Nikolas Tsaftaridis, Irini Theodosopoulou

Music –Literature-Ideology: two Composers, one Poem (T)

Georgia-Maria Tserpe, Marialena Karamouzi

Memorization strategies of atonal music (P)

Theodora Tsintzou, Ermis Theodorakis

Visualizing Macrocompositional Dynamics in the Works of Iannis Xenakis (T)

Charles Turner, Marcel Hendrix

Xenakis and Brownian motion: a compositional and analytical exploration (T)

Evaggelia Vagopoulou, Tim Ward

Intrinsic formal functionality: perception of Mozart’s materials (K)

Michel Vallières, Daphne Tan, William Caplin, Joseph Shenker, Stephen McAdams

Musical structure and perception of emotion: a cross-cultural study (T)

Kyriaki Zacharopoulou, Athanasia D. Kyriakidou