Abstract submission

The abstract submission deadline was 30 November 2007.

All submissions must address the conference theme and have at least two authors who represent different disciplines. These disciplines should preferably, but not necessarily, be selected from our list (e.g., psychology and acoustics, history and performance).

Abstracts should be structured with the following seven headings:

Background in ... (the first main discipline)
Background in ...
(the second main discipline)
Main contribution


In empirical contributions, the “main contribution” should include a summary of method, results and conclusions.

Each submitted abstract should be followed by a short biography (CV) of the (first) two authors. The whole file should not exceed 1000 words, including all headings, names of authors, their affiliations, email addresses and biographies. The preferred format of the presentation (talk or poster) should also be indicated. All submissions must address the conference theme. Abstracts should be submitted in English either as plain text or in an attached document (MS Word). They will be reviewed anonymously by a panel of international experts.

The abstract submission deadline is 30 NOVEMBER 2007.

Abstracts should be submitted to Costas Tsougras by email: tsougras@mus.auth.gr

Further information:

Your submission should be organised as follows:

Before submitting your abstract, please compare it with our theoretical (word, pdf, text) and empirical (word, pdf, text) examples. Researchers without email are asked to submit from a colleague's computer or from an internet cafe.

Please consider the following suggestions:

Full paper submission:

Guidelines for the full-paper proceedings format can be downloaded here.

Regarding the authors:

The first two authors should represent two of the subdisciplines of musicology in our table. It should be clear from the content and biographies that the background and expertise of the authors are directly relevant to the research question.

The same author may be involved in an unlimited number of abstract submissions as first and/or second author. In the final program, however, no conference participant will be first author of more than one talk and one poster.

Regarding the relationship between the authors:

To help the reviewers evaluate your biographies quickly, please present them in tabular form with two columns and several rows (e.g. in the left column "qualifications", in the right "Bachelor of Music, University of xxx, awarded 1993."; see above links to our theoretical and empirical examples). You are free to invent categories for the left column that highlight specific relevant aspects of your qualifications and experience. Note that reviewers will be asked to take into account only relevant qualifications and experience when rating abstracts.

Symposium contributions

Abstracts may be submitted either individually or in the form of symposia. A symposium is a group of four papers devoted to a specific topic or discipline. A symposium submission comprises four abstracts (each in the same form as individually submitted abstracts) and a short explanatory cover email.

Each individual abstract in a symposium submission will be subject to the same anonymous review procedure as individually submitted abstracts. Reviewer(s) will not be informed about the symposia to which specific abstracts are intended to belong, nor will they be told which authors are also symposium coordinators. The structure of planned symposia may be concealed from reviewers by splitting them among different reviewers.

A symposium will be accepted if

Otherwise, the conference directors may suggest changes and negotiate with the symposium coordinator to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

Anyone can organize and submit a symposium; the qualifications and experience of the coordinator play no role in the review process. Symposium coordinators

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